The Best Place to visit in Banyuwangi

The best place to visit in Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is the easternmost district of Java Island which is very close to the island of Bali and is now starting to attract tourists both from domestic and abroad. The area surrounded by mountains and sea makes Banyuwangi has a list of many tourist objects where the tour is for trekking, hiking, and relaxing. But in this article we will discuss tourist attractions that are well known to many people, namely:

  1. Ijen
  2. Meru betiri national park
  3. Alas purwo national park

First we discuss about ijen, ijen is a volcano that has a crater and is still active until now, the crater itself is green and contains acid  ijen crater not only about the crater but there are other phenomena that make this attraction phenomenal namely blue fire and sulfur miners . Blue fire is the most sought after by people because they want to witness this natural wonder, besides that tourists can see sulfur mining workers who still use traditional equipment to mine then they put sulfur in the miner’s basket can carry 70-80 kg of sulfur on their shoulder. Continue reading

Baluran National Park, Banyuwangi Tour Package



Baluran National Park, Banyuwangi Tour Package-Baluran national park is located in the eastern of java island take 7 hours drive from Surabaya to get here or 5 hours from bali and 30 minutes from Banyuwangi  city center , Baluran well known as africa van java because the climate are dry with covered by savanna and magrove then hills with the highest peak extinct  Baluran mountain  (1247 m) to enter Baluran you have to pay entrance ticket  IDR 250000 only for weekdays . Continue reading