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Banyuwangi tour & travelIjen Tour & Transport

Address     : Gatot subroto st. 159 Banyuwangi-East java, Indonesia

Whatsapp : +6281331861276 (fast response)

E-mail       :

5 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Hi, we are 3 and would like to go to the blue flame tour today 1st of June at night. We are staying at hotel baru. Please contact us by email, let us know what includes the tour and price.
    Thank you very much

  2. On the 30th we arrive at the Watu hotel in Banyuwangi. We would like to make an excursion to the Ijen day on Friday 31st. Could you help us with that? We are with 5 adults from Holland.

    Furthermore we need transportation from Watu hotel to Permaturan on Bali on Saturday 1st of August.
    Lex van Dijk

  3. Leo Urcia led me and 5 others on an amazing tour of Ijen, beginning at midnight and ending at a beautiful breakfast over looking a rice terrace. The price was reasonable and the service exceptional. I highly reccomend you book a tour with Leo if you have any inclination of summiting Ijen!

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