Ijen weather, Banyuwangi Tour Package

Ijen weather, Banyuwangi Tour Package-Indonesia has two season rain and summer rain always happen at october until april then summer is start from june finish at september.  During the rain season almost tourist object like mountain will be cloudy and it has been happening on Ijen now



mostly cloudy as well  the next  7  days are rain.

But everything have plus and minus now click on Saturday forecast then pointing your cursor on diagram each of it has number  represent  temperature then click  after that the specific time is show up about when the rain or cloudy happen, from this the good news is you can manage time to visit Ijen.  peoples mostly  start their trip at midnight to watch blue flames see blue flames and why ?

for it peoples have to walk down it means give your changes to see ijen closerly as well enjoy all the attraction like sulfur miners, then finish in the morning to avoid bad weather.  Honestly visit Indonesia during this rainy season is gambling so now check your intinerary and calculate again dont ever think getting a good scenery also blue skies all is grey no sun but sometime is clear if you want bet . the conclusion is always update weather information and redundant plan when changing  intinerary is impossible.