Mount Bromo, Bromo Tour Packages



Mount Bromo, Bromo Tour Packages – Mt. bromo is volcanic mountain located in java island, part of east java. Bromo entered in 4 region probolinggo, pasuruan, malang , lumajang. Bromo is caldera mountain build when massive explosion broken the peak  created basin. Mount bromo have cold air especially in dry season also at 2.329 from sea level is suggested for guest to bring warm cloth when visited bromo.

Bromo well known for foreign tourist and domestic, famous with sunrise, sandy beach. Tourist willing to wake up early morning to watch it, from pananjakan view point the bestest point for sunrise as well mount semeru as a background adding beautifull scenery when sun goes out, you are able to riding horses.

Name of bromo delivered main god of hindu brahma, tengger people said bromo is holy mountain every year will celebrate yadna kasada or kasodo at day-15 on 10th month in calendar of java. The celebrate start from temple and will end in peak of mount bromo. This celebrate thanks to god sang hyang widi wasa. Vegetables and animal use for sesaji (present) thrown to crater of bromo.

For accommodation is easy to find like lava view hotel, bromo permai, cemara indah hotel, sion hotel, yochi hotel, for acces you can use public transport from probolinggo end cemoro lawang or use travel agent for comfortable yout trip

mount bromo temple

mount bromo temple

If you interesting we offer package Bromo Tour

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