Sukamade Turtle Beach, Banyuwangi Tour Packages

national park meru betiri sukamade turtle beach tour
national park meru betiri sukamade turtle beach tour

Sukamade turtle beach tour -located in east banyuwangi 96 km from city of banyuwangi meru betiri is third national park entred in triangle diamond made meru betiri national park well known by foreign tourist. for acces is dificult we need 4 x 4 because the road is broken and cross three river on the way we will passing through coffe, rubber, cacao plantation also traditional java sugar factory this sugar made from coconut water, boiled until solid and then pouring into special place the taste are good try with coconut for more unic taste.

meru betiri have three beaches there are rajegwesi, green bay beach, sukamade. in rajegwesi yuo would see traditional fisherman and buy some fish grilling. Teluk ijo you have to be carefull because walk down on hill but your tired will paid with amazing scenery, white sand, also swimming here.

The last Sukamade coast is the habitat where turtle lay the egg. Called as paradise for turtle species, on the full moon times, turtle mothers grouping reach the land for breeding, they lay the eggs in the beach. In these places, tourist can be witness directly the activities up to the turtle beach. Here, there are also semi-natural hatchery to hatch turtle eggs have been collected by officers. Visitors can participate actively in the business with a turtle conservation by releasing tukik ( baby turtle ). looking for penyu doing at night, don’t worry you can watch stars at sky clearly because no light polution.

if you interested please follow our tour package Sukamade ( Meru Betiri National Park Tour )



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